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Top Resume Mistakes




Avoid these Top Resume Mistakes!


checkmarkNot using key resume action words to start your sentences.

This is one of the top resume mistakes. Always use key action words at the beginning of your resume sentences to create a powerful looking resume that showcases your skills and experience.

checkmarkNot using bullets for your power sentences.

checkmarkNot providing numbers on your resume.

Accomplishments can usually be quantified such as "increased sales by 10%" and those numbers add value to your resume. Add numbers anytime to your accomplishments and make your resume shine.

checkmarkNot organizing your resume in an easy-to-flow format.

Interviewers are reading several (if not hundreds) of resumes. If your resume does not flow with proper headings such as Summary of Qualifications, Professional Experience, Employment History and Education, it can appear difficult to read.

checkmarkNot providing the correct contact information.

People change their emails and cell phone numbers constantly. Don't leave old information on your resume or you may miss that call!

checkmarkNot providing your training experience.

Don't leave out great information regarding training and/or seminars that you may have attended as they add value to your resume.

checkmarkUsing a generic resume objective that you found online.

An effective resume markets your skills and experience and paints a picture of your work history and abilities. Don't start off presenting your resume with some boring and meaningless objective statement.

checkmarkUsing a bright colored resume paper.

Your resume speaks volumes about you and your abilities prior to ever getting the chance to speak for yourself. When you use a bright or neon color paper to make your resume stand out, you are really saying your resume skills are not as important as the color paper of your resume.

checkmarkOveruse of the same words.

Don't use the same few words over and over again in your resume. Your prospective employer doesn't want to read that you "transformed" or "facilitated" every accomplishment on your resume. Use a variety of action words to make your resume stand out.

checkmarkFonts, fonts and more fonts.

Don't use several different fonts styles for your resume. It does not create a fluid look but instead can create a distracted feel to your resume layout. Stay with our recommended resume fonts and your resume will look great and your skills will do the talking!




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