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Thank You Letter Advice - What To Include


Thank You Letters Made Easy!

Listed below is some thank you letter advice that will help you write a sincere and effective thank you letter.

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What A Thank You Letter Should Do

Thank you letters or follow-up letters, are your way of demonstrating that you are a serious professional searching for the right position for you. A thank you letter offers the prospective employer the opportunity to see that you are an individual who follows up on your commitments and also has a attitude of gratefulness. After your interview, sending a thank you letter is a great way to make that final impression last.


What A Thank You Letter Should NOT Do

Here is some helpful thank you letter advice - Don't repeat your entire cover letter in your thank you letter! Your interviewer has already read your cover letter and resume as well as discussed with you in-depth, your qualifications. You do not have to remind them of every detail of your accomplishments.


Thank You Letter - Writing Length

Your thank you letter should include a short introduction describing your appreciation for the time that the interviewer took speaking with you and then follow up with one or two short paragraphs as to something that you learned from the interview that you felt was valuable.

You can review the exact layout that we use for our thank you letters on our Thank You Letter Format page.


Thank You Letter - Show You Listened

Use your middle paragraphs to describe one or two facts that you enjoyed discussing with your interviewer to demonstrate that you were actively listening to them speak. Don't use flowery words and try to butter them up, just simply state that you heard what they said and you think that you can bring value to their company.


Thank You Letter - Call For Action

The final paragraph of your letter should still include a call to action asking for the chance to meet again or to let them know that you will contact them shortly. Don't make your last impression a weak one by not coming through at the end with a strong closing.









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