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Summary Of Qualifications For Your Resume

Why You Should Ditch Your Old Resume Objective


When it comes to resume writing tips, there are very few suggestions that can be as impacting as an impressive summary of qualifications for your resume.


Why? Because just as times have changed in the job market today, so have people's career paths. When the resume objective first began being used it had its place at the top of a resume as the introduction to the rest of the "good stuff" on your resume.


But as many employees now have changed careers several times in their employment history, the resume objective has become a less valuable tool in accurately describing who you are and what you can offer.


As a resume writer, I've reviewed so many resume objectives that do nothing more than state the obvious to the potential employer. Here are a few examples of what I am talking about.

  1. People already know that you are looking for a job that will allow you to grow.

  2. People also know that you would like to use your skills and experience to grow in that position.

  3. People are also aware that anyone that they hire would like to move up in the company and make more money as well as take on more responsibility.

So with all of the common sense items out of the way, what's really left for your resume objective? Not much.

Instead of struggling to describe your personality and exactly what type of job you are looking for, how about offering your prospective employer an answer to their main question - are you qualified for the position and are you worth calling for an interview?

How do you accomplish this task? With a summary of qualifications for your resume! This is usually a three line paragraph that offers your prospective employer the ability to get a taste of your skills and experience right from the start creating an immediate positive impression.


What are the benefits to a summary of qualifications?

  1. It provides a concise summary of your main skills and experience.

  2. It's written in an "active" mode which creates the impression that you are a person of action.

  3. It sets up your potential employer with a positive impression right from the beginning of your resume which is what every candidate is competing for.

Here's an example of a summary of qualifications for your resume:

Summary Of Qualifications: Over ten years of sales, advertising and marketing experience. Skilled in developing new product launches, increasing customer sales and creating effective print media. Proficient with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and MS Office software products.


Now a potential employer has a really solid idea of some of your top skills and they haven't even started reading the main portion of your resume.


So utilize a summary of qualifications for your resume and have your prospective employers calling you for interviews.










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