One Website That Changed It All

What A Difference SBI Made For Me.

When I came up with the idea to create a website to help people with free resume writing tips and templates, I knew I wanted to create a site that offered my visitors great information and allowed me the freedom to continue to build on this idea of helping others.

I researched several of the "free" templates as well as the build-your-webiste programs and what they offered was OK, however it did not provide me with the step-by-step process I was looking for to create a dynamic and effective website.


Hello SiteBuildIt!

I was fortunate enough to discover a website building program called SiteBuildIt! or SBI for short.

After extensive research I found that SBI offered me exactly what I was looking for to create my website.

An easy to follow step-by-step process for every single step of the web building process!

The best part was that they walked me through all of the key website building areas in detail to make sure that I knew all about:

  • How To Select Successful Keywords

  • Content Creation That Really Works

  • Search Engine Placement Techniques

  • Time Tested Web Design Practices

  • How To Monetize Your Website & Earn Money

Site Build It! 

Why Not Just Use A Quick Host Program?

SBI walked me through every step of the process from idea generation through site completion and even now they are working with me on social media, directory listings, search engine rankings, blogs, ezines and so much more.

No simple web host is going to provide that kind of service. I can't even imagine the hundreds of hours I have saved by following the SBI program. The SBI forums have answered any questions I have and usually offered me more direction that I would have ever thought of on my own.


Web Traffic Up 300%!

Using the SBI program, my web traffic increased over 300% in the first two months alone! The action plan that I am using courtesy of SBI has me right on course to continue growing the visibility of my website as well as the potential to earn even more additional income.

SBI also offers an incredible Users Forum where information is shared daily on any web-building topic you can think of.


Here's What Other Successful SBIers Are Saying.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm just starting my SBI journey after a few months and having a great time providing valuable content about resume writing and earning additional income.

There are thousands who are making their full-time living with their SBI websites.

Here are some folks who love their SBI websites!

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Check Out This Quick Video Message From SiteBuildIt! Founder Ken Evoy: