Resume Writing Tips

Listed below are 10 Resume Writing Tips to help you create your winning resume.



Resume Writing Tip #1

green-checkmark-picStart Strong

Your resume should shout that you are an excellent choice for the position that you are applying for! To accomplish that task, make sure that your resume power sentences begin with key resume action words that will get you noticed!


Resume Writing Tip #2

green-checkmark-picSell Your Summary

Your Summary Of Qualifications is the introduction of your resume to your prospective employer. Don't waste those words! Let your reader know in three great sentences what you have accomplished and what you can offer their company. It can really set the tone for the rest of your resume.


Resume Writing Tip #3

green-checkmark-picMine Your Job Descriptions For Additional Resume Key Words

Many job descriptions that you may be applying for might contain some terms that company uses for their employees. You may want to include a few of those buzz words in your power sentences. Don't overdo it as it will look very superficial so try to use those terms that you feel represent your skills.

Example: We had a client with ten year of sales experience who was applying for a new sales position at a company who's job description included the term "qualifying accounts" several times. Our client was well versed in qualifying accounts so we made sure that those specific buzz words appeared a few times in his resume.


Resume Writing Tip #4

green-checkmark-picLeave Out The Unnecessary Information

Don't include information that isn't relevant to your skills and experience. The fact that you enjoy sports or gardening has nothing to do with your qualifications and how you can fill the needs of a potential employer. Don't waste the valuable real estate on you resume with information that will not help you!


Resume Writing Tip #5

green-checkmark-picTypos Are No-Nos!

There is no second chance to make a first impression and one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to have a typo (or more than one!) on your resume. Take the chance to not only use your spelling checker on your computer, but also have someone else give it a review to make sure that your grammar is in tact as well. Sometimes the spelling programs won't catch grammar errors such as using the word "their" instead of the word "there."




Resume Writing Tip #6

green-checkmark-picYou Can Handle The Truth!

The temptation to bolster your resume with extra things that you may not have done or accomplished may present itself when you feel like your resume needs something more. Trust us when we tell you that lying on your resume will do nothing but cause you trouble on your resume. if you lie on your resume and you are asked a question about that specific area by an interviewer, your response will not be an honest one. People in general are very good at reading someone's actions who is not telling the truth. So don't risk your reputation on false information!


Resume Writing Tip #7

green-checkmark-picWhite Space Is Your Friend

Successful resume writing results in a resume that is full of great information but also full of space, white space. Your resume should flow cleanly from top to bottom with nice spacing between your heading and skill groups as well as your other sections. Don't try to cram everything into your resume. Let the white space work for you too!


Resume Writing Tip #8

green-checkmark-picBe All That You Can Be

Your prospective employer wants to fill the position that you (and your resume) are applying for. There are several key attributes that ever employer looks for in addition to the specific skills and experience that you may have. Here are some that you should include on your resume:

- Ability to work positively with a team.

- Ability to solve conflict and offer resolutions.

- Ability to be self-motivated and task oriented.


Resume Writing Tip #9

green-checkmark-picTarget Target Target

When you write your resume, whatever format you choose, make sure that you take a few moments and review it to make sure that you are targeting the position(s) that you are actually seeking. Sounds simple, but many resumes are very generic and miss the mark because the writer didn't keep the main goal of the resume in get the call for an interview! So if you are targeting a job in computer sales, make sure that your resume skills reference your experience in that area several times. Your resume reader should know by the end of the resume that you are the one for the job based on what specifically you have accomplished in your career. If you don't guide them to those points on your resume, who is going to tell them?


Resume Writing Tip #10

green-checkmark-picThe "I's" Don't Have It

Resumes are to be written as a history of what you have done utilizing strong power sentences that list your skills, accomplishments and experience. Do not use personal pronouns like "I" or "he" or "she" in your resume. It doesn't read well and it makes you stand out in a negative way if you can't follow the resume writing standards that employers are used to seeing.


Nothing can replace your skills and experience so remember to make sure your resume power sentences are in place and that you have used effective action words to start your sentences.



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