Resume Template Writing

Are Resume Templates Helpful?


There are thousands of resume templates on the web at the click of a search button. Are they the best option for you or are they too generic? Here are, we like the fact that resume templates are available and we think that they can certainly speed up the process. We recommend that prior to simply filling out a resume template, that you have your best information already prepared so that you can add it to the template that you select.



Resume template writing can be helpful but there are a few tips that you will want to keep in mind before you just pick a template and fill it in.


checkmarkMake sure you know what kind of resume format you are going to use. The three basic formats are chronological, functional and the combination (our choice!) format. Each has it's value but we recommend the combination format due to its ability to showcase your skills and experience first and then your employment history.


checkmarkSelect a resume template that offers you some helpful advice on where to place specific information. You do not want to simply copy someone else's resume information as your potential employers have just as much access to these templates as you do. To see an example of an effective template where you create a winning resume, visit our free resume template page.


checkmarkFinally, most templates offer you a very basic outline. You will need to know how to create great power sentences to fill in your resume. These bullet points should start with a resume action word and then describe some of your skills and/or experience. Create a list of these power sentences on a separate page and then incorporate them into your resume as needed.




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