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Resume Summary Of Qualifications

Step 2. - Skills Summary


As we discussed in our Resume Objective section, we like to use what is called a Resume Summary Of Qualifications (or just Summary of Qualifications) to describe you and your experience at the beginning of your resume. This section offers a brief yet powerful introduction of to you to your resume reader.


Your summary is simply a powerful overview of what you have to offer your potential employer regarding your skills and experience.





Here's the easy sentence formula we'll use to put it all together:


Sentence #1 = Over (# of years) of (skill #1), (skill #2) and (skill #3) experience.


Sentence #2 = Power sentence that includes 2-3 unique abilities (and you do have them!)


Sentence #3 = Proficient in (list of computer software or other abilities).



That's the entire formula right there. Pretty simple but extremely powerful to your resume readers!




Here's a few more examples:


SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: Over twenty years of journalism, management, and project coordination experience.  Skilled in effective time management, interview, and consulting practices.  Proficient with MS Office and various other database software programs.


SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: Over fifteen years of sales, marketing, and operations experience.  Skilled in the facilitation of call center operations, associate development as well as analysis of market trends and sales forecasts.  Proficient with multiple database software programs, MS Office software products, and inventory management programs.


SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: Over five years of sales, customer service, and management experience. Skilled in project coordination, time management and the ability to work with a team to achieve department objectives.  Proficient in several computer software programs including MS Office.




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