Resume Skill Writing

How to create those great resume power sentences that get your resume noticed!




Step 3. - Resume Skill Groups


The body of your functional format resume should contain the skills and experience that you have acquired. These power sentences are the key to your resume coming across effectively. Resume skill writing is not difficult if you follow the combination resume format we have listed here on our site.


These skill sentences are what creates the impact for your resume reader. That "wow" factor that puts your resume at the top of the pile!


We've highlighted for you the resume skill groups in our resume example below:





Here is the formula for successful resume skill writing and creating those effective power sentences:


Step 1. - Choose three skill group categories that best represent your experience and abilities. You can check out our list of skill group categories in our Resume Skill Groups section.


Step 2. - Under each category place at least six power sentences about your work experience that relate to that skill group category (i.e. Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Customer Service). FYI - Many of the resumes that we write are 2-Page Resumes and contain on average around 8-10 power sentences per skill group. Visit our Resume Power Sentences section to see how to create awesome power sentences.


When we write our resumes, we label this area as Professional Experience to let the reader know that this section is where they will find your work experience and skills that can help them fill that position with you!


So let's get those killer resume power sentences created and get ready to finish out our resume with the Employment History and Education sections!





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