Resume Page Length



The age old question in resume writing has always been, "How many pages should my resume be?"


To answer that question simply, there are no set rules as to resume page length in today's job market.


At, we mainly write 2-page resumes for most of our clients because we utilize the combination resume format and really try to present our client's skills and talent first and then their employment history.


We have written single page resumes as well but they tend to be for our first-time resume or entry-level clients who don't have enough job experience yet to warrant a 2-page resume.


You will hear several different opinions from multiple resume writers regarding resume page length. No one has the exact standard because there isn't one.


Here are our recommendations:

checkmark-jpg If you are just starting out in your job search out of high school or college and your work experience has only been with one or two companies, then a single page resume should work well for you. You can view a sample of a single page beginner's resume by clicking on the link.


checkmark-jpg If you have been out in the workplace for more than a few years and have worked in more than one position or career field, then you should have enough experience to warrant a 2-page resume.


checkmark-jpg We rarely ever write any 3-page resumes due to the fact that we feel that you should be able to list all of your pertinent skills and experience into two or three skill groups on the first page of your resume followed by your employment history and eructation/training on the second page.


Your resume should be a positive and effective representation of your skills and experience no matter what the page length. Don't be fooled into thinking that you have to cram all of your information onto one single page.


Our 2-page resumes have worked well for our clients and have resulted in many calls for interviews and ultimately being hired! Our single-page resumes have also done very well. It comes down to how well you write your resume and does it showcase your skills and experience.


We have written 2-page resumes for a majority of our clients with experience levels from just past entry-level all the way to executives with 20+ years of experience. Resume page length should not be a hurdle for you, write the best resume you can and then see where your page length is at.


Also, please don't let any of the outdated resume myths that you may read about fool you. If you follow our step-by-step process on resume writing here on this site, you will discover your key skill groups and have an awesome looking resume!






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