Resume Objectives

Yes or No? - What You Need To Know!


Your resume creates the first impression for your potential employer about who you are and what you can bring to their company.

Most people who create their own resume believe that they need some sort of standard resume objective at the beginning of their resume. Why? Maybe because they've seen it on other resumes or from resume samples that they found on the web.


Unfortunately, resume objectives usually contain boring and unhelpful information regarding who you are as a prospective employee to the resume reader.


Here is an example from a resume we reviewed:


JOB OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position in advertising that will allow me to use my experience and grow with the company.


Does this statement tell you anything vital about this person? No.

The person reading this objective already knows that you are looking for a position in advertising and they would already expect you to use your experience as that is why they are reviewing your resume in the first place. You are not giving them any new information to form a positive impression about you.




There is an easy solution as to what to do with a resume objective...don't use one. Instead, consider using a powerful Summary Of Qualifications.

This is a three line paragraph that details some of your skills and experience right of the bat and gives your potential employer a great first impression!

Let's take that same person applying for the sales position above and use an effective summary of qualifications instead of the resume objective


SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: Over 20 years of advertising, media, and marketing experience. Skilled in the creation and layout of print advertising as well as organizing social media efforts. Proficient in Adobe Design software and MS Office products.


Wow! What a difference that makes. It's the same individual but now when the potential employer reads the resume, there is a powerful and positive first impression made. The reader will know much more about you with the first three lines of your resume! A summary of qualifications also creates the impression that you have a total package of skills and experience to offer an employer.


So consider removing your resume objective and replacing it with a summary of qualifications. You'll be glad you did and so will the company who is hiring you!



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