Resume Objective - Is There A Better Way?

Objective resume writing has been a challenge for many people writing their own resumes. Most standard resume objectives include words and phrases that are very general and ambiguous at best. Here's an example:


Objective: To obtain a position in sales that will offer me the opportunity to use my experience and grow with the company.


What does that tell you about the person who is sending in their resume? Not very much at first glance. Doesn't everybody want to use their experience to perform their job well and work for a company that allows them further growth? We would hope that would be the case!


Why A Resume Objective May Not Be The Most Effective Option

In our resume writing experience, we have been told by human resource employees that the beginning of someone's resume is like the opening to a book. There's a famous saying that "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

That thought is true for your resume as well. Your resume should be filled with key action words and power sentences so that it screams "hire me" from top to bottom with your accomplishments and skills. You want your potential employer's first impression to be, "Wow!" and their second thought to be that they must give you a call for an interview.


The Solution = Summary Of Qualifications!

Why hide what you are capable of under some ineffective objective statement when you can put a summary of your best skills front and center on your resume.

At we write a lot of successful resumes using the combination resume format in which we include a Summary Of Qualifications (also known as a Qualifications Summary).


Take a look at the difference in the two examples below. First is the basic Resume Objective:

Objective: To obtain a position in sales that will offer me the opportunity to use my experience and grow with the company.


Now take a look at the same person's resume with a new Summary Of Qualifications:

Summary Of Qualifications: Over ten years of sales, marketing, and management experience.  Skilled in the facilitation of call center operations, associate development and team building as well as analysis of market trends and sales forecasts.  Proficient with multiple database software programs, MS Office software products, and inventory management programs.


What a difference! Can you see how much more attractive the Summary of Qualifications makes your resume? Now the person reviewing your resume has a first impression of you that says you are skilled in several areas that meet the needs of the position that they are looking for. And they haven't even seen the rest of your resume yet!


We'll Show You How To Make Your Summary Shine!

At, we'll help you with an easy step-by-step process in creating a great Summary Of Qualifications as well as the rest of your resume.

So if you're ready to start putting together your winning resume, visit our Combination Resume Format section and let's start putting the pieces of your resume together.





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