Resume Keywords - Don't Leave Home Without Them!


First impressions are vital when it comes to reviewing your resume.  In a few seconds your chances of securing a call for an interview can be dashed if your resume doesn't showcase your best skills and experience right up front.


One easy way to ensure that your resume has the best chance is to make sure that your resume sentences begin with an appropriate resume keyword. 


These resume action words are not difficult to find online at resume help websites or in bookstores.  They are action oriented words such as:

  • facilitated

  • organized

  • managed

  • coordinated

  • promoted

  • reviewed



So why do so many people leave them out of their resume?  Most likely because they just haven't taken the time to review their resume to see if there are opportunities for improvement.

I've reviewed hundreds of resumes and the majority of them are lacking in some simple resume action verbs that could really transform their resume.


Here's an example of a resume sentence recently reviewed:

- Responsible for handling customer calls.


Not much "wow factor" in that statement.  When I asked the client what she did I soon found out that she much more than just handle the call.  The next sentence out of her mouth was. "I actually had to develop a rapport with our customers and then distribute each call to the right department to make sure that each customer got the help they needed."


Unknowingly, she mentioned two great resume action verbs in "developed" and "distributed" which do a much better job of creating a lasting impression with a potential employer.  So what if she changed her original resume sentence to the following:

- Developed positive customer rapport handling incoming calls and ensured proper follow-through by distributing calls to the appropriate department.

Sure does make a stronger impression that this person is a person of action.  Companies want new employees who can hit the ground running and make an impact for their bottom line in a short period of time.


Again it's about creating a sense of urgency when your resume is being read that moves it to the top of the pile to schedule an interview.

Using resume keywords is just one of the easy ways to upgrade your resume.  So take the time to review your resume and see if there are some areas where you can add these keywords and really make your skills stand out.








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