Writing Your Resume Header


Resume writing is not that difficult when you have a plan to follow so let's get started writing your resume! In this section we will show you what to do with the header of your resume.

Step 1. - Resume Header

Your resume header is the top portion of your resume that tells the reader who you are, where you live, and where they can contact you to come in for an interview.


Choose whatever word processing software you will be using and open up to a blank page to begin. For the header you will want to include your name, address, city/state/zip, phone number and email address. When we write our resumes, we center all of the information.


We recommend that your name be a bit larger in font size then then the address and the rest of the information. We use Microsoft Word and here are some of the sizes and dimensions that we use as well as an example of one of our headers:






You can see that we keep it very simple and that is what has made our resumes successful in today's job market.




Here are a few Resume Header Tips:


checkmarkCapitalize your name so that it stands out

checkmarkInclude your full street address and type out "street" or "road"

checkmarkUse only one phone number if possible

checkmarkInclude an email address that you check often

checkmarkMake sure to leave some open space (white space) around your header

checkmarkYour header should be identical on all pages of your resume












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