Writing Your Resume Employment History


Step 4. - Employment History

Your resume employment history is where you will list all of your work history in a chronological date format with your current or most recent position at the top.

There have always been numerous questions regarding resume employment history sections and what exactly should be included? For the most part, when using the combination resume format, the majority of resume writers include the following as part of their employment history sections:

In writing hundreds of resumes, we always kept it simple and used just the information listed above.




Here's a look at one of our resumes and the employment history section:






Notice that we keep the look nice and clean with bold titles for the position and italics for the city and state as well as the name of the company.

You can include as many places of employment as you see fit; however, keep in mind that your potential employer will usually ask for only your current position and the prior four to five positions on a job application. When we write resumes for our clients, we try to list the most recent positions and if there are some that are really key to the position that the person is applying for, then we will include that position as well.

This client's example above had a break in her employment from 1987 to 1992 but with a combination resume format, the resume reader focused more on our client's skills on the first page and as a result, she received positive results!






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