Resume Cover Letter Format


Here's a resume cover letter format from that you can use to create a powerful and effective cover letter.


Part 1 - Contact Details - You want to place this information in the top left or top right of your cover letter.




City, State, Zip Code

Phone Number


Part 2 - Company Details - Place this information on the left side just above the names of the person you are writing to.


Contact Name (First and Last Name)


Company Name


City, State, Zip Code




Part 3 - Salutation - This is where you address your cover letter as follows:


Dear Mr. Smith

Dear Ms. Smith


Part 4 - Opening paragraph - This is where you begin the body of your resume cover letter. Start off by letting your contact know what you are writing the cover letter.

Example: I am writing in regards to the position you listed for a Sales Account Manager.


You can add where you read about the position as well as if you had a referral from someone regarding the position that you would like the reader to be aware of.


Part 5 - Middle Paragraph - Here is where you start to sell your potential employer on two things. First, that you have certain skills and qualities that this employer would find attractive. Second, that you have done some research on their company and that you feel you would be a good fit with their company culture or future plans.


Part 6 - Closing Paragraph - This is where you summarize what your resume qualifications can offer this employer. Some of the best offerings to any employer are that you can impact their bottom line in a very short period of time due to your skills or that you are experienced enough that your training time will be minimal.


Key Item - Finish up the paragraph with a call to action. Let them know that you would like to come in and discuss your qualifications in person. Tell them that you will be calling in a few days to see if an appointment can be made.


Part 7 - Signature - End your resume cover letter with a simple final greeting such as "Best Regards" or "Sincerely" and then your name typed out. Leave space in-between the greeting and your typed name so that you can add your personal signature.


Key Item - Don't forget to sign your resume cover letter!

As explained on our Cover Advice page, a personal signature demonstrates a sign of professionalism.













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