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Resume Buzz Words To Avoid!


Resume buzz words are not to be confused with resume action words, which should be used often in your resume to create those effective power sentences.

Buzz words are those special words or terms that resume writers have been using for awhile that have been a bit overdone and can become very generic.

As we mentioned earlier you can never get a second chance to make a first impression so don't risk creating a negative impression using terms that everyone else has tried.


The LinkedIn Blog offered this informative post regarding resume buzz words with additional comments from the ABA.

As we head into 2011 our Analytics Team decided to take a crack at finding the most clichéd and overused phrases for the past year using over 85 million LinkedIn profiles.  Here are our 2010 top 10 buzzwords used in the USA.

You may be “results oriented” and “motivated,” but you probably should leave those words off your resumé.

That’s the advice of Lindsey Pollak, a career author and spokeswoman for the LinkedIn career networking site. Frequently used terms “can appear empty to a potential employer and may do more harm than good,” Pollak told the Wall Street Journal’s Digits blog.


The top 10 are:

1) Extensive experience

2) Innovative

3) Motivated

4) Results-oriented

5) Dynamic

6) Proven track record

7) Team player

8) Fast-paced

9) Problem solver

10) Entrepreneurial



Your personal work history, skills and experience are unique to you.


Your resume should have its own "voice" and describe what you can offer a potential employer, not some overused terms that can describe just about anyone.


One of the key reasons we created my-easy-resume-com was to assist you in creating a powerful and effective resume.


Nothing can replace your skills and experience so remember to make sure your resume power sentences are in place and that you have used effective action words to start your sentences.









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