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Description is a free resume builder website and also a free CV (curriculum vitae) builder that takes you step-by-step through the creation process. This is one of the first free resume builder websites for a CV that we've seen and it was very easy to navigate. The site also lets you sign in from any of your social media applications or Google which certainly saves time with filling out all of that information.

We went through their process and found it very easy to follow. You simply enter your information into the proper fields and the tabs at the top show you where to go next. What was also helpful was for each field, a help box appears to the right to offer you some direction as to what information should be placed in that exact location. You will still need to create your own content but puts it into a very nice format for you.


Cost: Free. You enter your information and then it creates a pdf file for you to save at the end.


Pros - This site offers you a very easy and painless process to create a resume or a CV in a standard format. The help buttons were also a plus when entering the information. The navigation tabs on the top of the site keep you right on target and are easy to follow. The CV layouts looked very professional when finished and it was extremely simple to save and print our new CV.


Cons - The only drawback would be for those who do not know HTML coding that well as you may run into some issues with creating your bold headers or underlining a category if needed. They do however provide you with a reference list of what codes to enter.




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