Outline Of A Resume

We've created the outline of a resume for you that is powerful, effective and very easy to follow!


The Combination Resume Layout - Outlined For You!


As we stated earlier in our Resume Format section, the combination resume format is the resume writing format of choice for my-easy-resume.com for many reasons, the most important being that it showcases your skills first!


This is the outline of a resume format that we've used to create hundreds of successful resumes.

List below is the combination resume layout broken down into five easy steps that you can follow to create your winning resume.


Just click on each step to discover the information you need to start building your resume today!


Step 1. - Header

Step 2. - Skills Summary

Step 3. - Skill Groups

Step 4. - Employment History

Step 5. - Education / Training






To view some samples of the combination format resumes we've written you can visit our Resume Samples section.











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