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Top 3 Tips For Using Online Resume Builders

Online resume builder websites have become a very popular choice in the past few years for those looking to create a resume quickly and effectively.


There are numerous online resume builders on the web and many have valuable programs that can help you get your resume created with a minimal amount of time.

A simple search on Google turns up over 900,000 results for these type of resume sites. So how do you wade through the thousands of sites trying to find out which one will assist you in getting your resume in the best shape possible?

Here are a few tips that should help you make some key decisions:


1. Know Your Format Ahead Of Time

Remember, that your resume creates the first impression of you to your potential employer. Don't pick just any old resume format that you see because you think it might work for you. Take a few minutes and research what resume format is going to work best for you. The three standard resume formats are chronological, functional or a combination resume format. I prefer the combination format as it highlights your skills first as well as your employment history. Once you have your format in place, you will be able to easily narrow down your choices for resume builders to the one(s) that offer your specific format.


2. Is Free Really Free?

If you are searching for a free online resume builder, make sure that it is free! Several of the resume sites offer a "free trial" but then want you to upgrade to their annual membership package to receive the full benefits that you thought you might be receiving with the free trial. Give the site a quick review and make sure that you know what your options are and the possible costs involved.


3. A Little Goes A Long Way

Do a little prep work on your own first. All of the online resume builders are there to assist you with actually formatting your resume. For many of the sites, you will have to create all of your wording and sometimes much of the formatting as well. Take some time to outline what you would like on your resume first! Then you can fill in the blanks as needed.


Make sure that you have your resume action words and power sentences all lined up so that you can fill them in and watch your resume take shape. Creating those sentences is not difficult if you use an action word in front of your skill or experience and follow it up with a result that occurred from the experience. Here's an example of a power sentence:

Developed a new call back procedure for former clients that increased sales by 15% in the first year.


Finally, remember that you are unique and you do have your own voice! Your resume should showcase your skills and experience the way you would like to see them displayed.


Yes there are some standard formats that you should adhere to when creating your resume, but don't get caught following a template you don't like and then settling for the way it looks.


Take a look at several resume samples online and see which one really speaks to your skills and experience. You want to be proud of you resume when you send it out!






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