Job Interview Checklist


How to answer any question a job interviewer could possible throw at you!



Have this Job Interview Checklist reviewed prior to your interview!


checkmarkAddress of Interview Location

checkmarkCalculated Drive Time

checkmarkVerify Name of the Interviewer

checkmarkPen or Pencil

checkmarkPortfolio or Notebook


checkmarkEmergency Kit - Spot Remover, Makeup, Breath Mints

checkmarkQuestions for Interviewer (at least three)

checkmarkReferences (two extra copies)

checkmarkResume (two extra copies)

checkmarkResearch of Company (five useful facts)

checkmarkClothes Selected for Interview

checkmarkRehearsal Of Standard Interview Questions

checkmarkList of Top 3 Skills That You Can Offer

checkmarkList of 1-2 Weaknesses That Are Actually Strengths

checkmarkGood Night's Rest the Night Before the Interview.

checkmarkPractice Smiling in the Car Prior To The Interview

checkmarkPositive Self-Talk While Waiting In The Lobby

checkmarkThank You Letter outlined and ready to send


Make sure to review our job interview checklist and you will be prepared and ready to make a positive impression during your interview!












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