Job Interview Advice - Tips & Strategies To Get You The Job!


How to answer any question a job interviewer could possible throw at you!

You've Received The Call!

It's that great moment of celebration that every job searcher is looking for. The call from a prospective employer asking you to come in for an interview.

Your resume did the job it was supposed to do and now they want to meet you in person. Are you as prepared as you could be?

We offer some job interview advice below that filled with interview tips and strategies to make sure that the impression you leave is a positive one!

Preparation Pays Off!

Some of the best interview advice we can offer is to take the time and prepare yourself for success.

An interview should be a positive experience where you get to showcase your skills and experience. Remember, your prospective employer is wanting to fill the position that you are interviewing for as soon as possible. They know it is costing them money not to have someone productive in that position.

Here is some good job interview advice for you to use prior to your interview to make sure that you are prepared.

green-checkmark-image Research the company that you are interviewing with. Lear about their history, corporate culture, and see if there are any buzz words that they use consistently on their web site or in print.

green-checkmark-image Check the regular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to see if they have a page and review it to see if there are any pertinent pieces of information that you can use to create questions for your interviewer.

green-checkmark-image Review your resume. This is the main document that the interviewer will be using to conduct the interview. Don't get caught off guard without an answer to a question about one of your own resume points.

green-checkmark-image Prepare some answers to common interview questions. There are some basic interview questions such as "Tell me, why should we hire you for this position?" or "Tell me a little about yourself?" that you will should have a good idea on how you are going to answer.

green-checkmark-image Know Your Questions. In most interview situations, you will have an opportunity to ask questions. Make sure you prepare these questions ahead of time from your research on the company. You will look prepared and professional when you do so.

green-checkmark-image Practice...Yes practice. It may be difficult at first but you will need to be as comfortable as possible in the interview setting. Use a mirror and create some responses to some standard interview questions. Review your smile, your posture and the way your speak. Is it friendly and positive?

green-checkmark-image Grab A Friend. Sometimes practicing with another person seated across from you can really open your eyes to any speech habits you may have developed (ah's or um's or you know). Doing these "mock job interviews" can be very helpful. Visit this link for more great information on mock job interviews.




Along with these activities that you can be doing to help you prepare, we have created a section regarding some of the things you do not want to do or say at an interview in our Interview Do's & Don't's page.


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