Functional Resume Format

The functional resume format was designed to focus completely on your skills by showcasing them in major skill categories.


If you review the resume writing sites out on the web, you will see that there is much confusion over what is truly a functional format and what is not. Often times sites will include the Combination Resume Format (our favorite) and call it a functional format, which unfortunately is not the case.




The basic functional resume contains little if no employment history information. This has been a sore spot for potential employers as they still want to see where you have worked in the past and when it is not available on your resume, it can create an adverse impression without you even knowing it.


Pros: This format concentrates on your skills from all of your positions.

Cons: Offers very little regarding work history which can be very important to a prospective employer.


Here is a sample of a functional resume format.


sample functional resume





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