Free Resume Builder - Do They Work?

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!


Free resume builders are exploding out there on the web lately. A simple search on Google turns up over 900,000 results. Yikes! So how do you wade through the thousands of sites trying to find out which one will assist you in getting your resume in the best shape possible?

Here are a few tips that should help you make some key decisions:


checkmarkRemember, that your resume creates the first impression of you to your potential employer. Don't pick just any old resume format that you see because you think it might work for you. Take a few minutes and research what resume format is going to work best for you. Chronological, functional or a combination resume format (our choice!). This will help narrow down your choices for resume builders as you want to select one that offers your format.


checkmarkIf you are going to use a free resume builder, make sure that it is free! Many of the sites offer a "free trial" but then want you to upgrade to their annual membership package to receive the full benefits that you thought you were receiving with the free trial.




checkmarkDo a little prep work on your own first. All of the free resume builders are there to assist you with actually formatting your resume. Many of the programs we reviewed on our Resume Builder Website Reviews page still expect you to create all of your wording and sometimes much of the formatting as well. Take the time to outline what you would like on your resume first! Then you can fill in the blanks as needed. If you would like an easy step-by-step process on how to create great content for your resume visit our Easy Resume Format section and begin with our Combination Layout page and just follow the steps!


checkmarkFinally, remember that you are unique and your resume should showcase your skills and experience, not someone else's! Yes there are some standard formats that you should adhere to when creating your resume, but don't get caught following a template and then settling for the way it looks. Take a look at several resume samples on our site as well as others and see which one really speaks to your skills and experience. You want to be proud of you resume when you send it out!


Free resume builders can offer some great time savings if you have the correct content ready to fill in those blanks. We recommend that you do your homework first and have a solid idea of what you want to place on your resume. It may be a little bit of work up front, but the quality of information on your resume is what is going to get you the job, not the template layout.







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