Emailing Resume - What Format Do I Use?

How to keep your resume margins looking correct when attaching it to an email.


Emailing resume mistakes happen! The worst possible mistake that can happen after you've created your resume writing masterpiece is for it to be emailed and then opened by your prospective employer with the margins and layout to be all mixed up due to differences in computer software.


Since most resumes are written on a word processing software such as MS Word, Wordperfect or Apple's iWork software, there are differences in the way they accept formatting from other software programs or older versions of the same software. This can be true for resume created with online resume builder programs or possibly resume templates as well.


The bottom line is that when your resume is finished, you need to have it saved in a format that all computer software programs will accept. This gives you the peace of mind that you can simply attach your resume to an email and it will be viewed exactly as you intended it to be!


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Adobe PDF

Adobe PDF (which stands for Portable Document Format) is widely accepted by most computer software programs and internet browsers. This file format has become the global standard for capturing and reviewing information from almost any application on any computer system and sharing it with virtually anyone, anywhere.


Most people have seen the ".pdf" file extension before and that signifies that the file is an Adobe PDF file. Your resume format will remain exactly the same as you created it, margins and all because a pdf file locks in the format that you have on your resume and does not alter it.


Many of the newer word processing software programs have a pdf function already installed on them. You can check to see if you have this application by following two easy steps:

1. Open up your resume file and select the "file" and "save as" options.

2. At the bottom of the window locate the "save as type" section and click on the drop down box. If you see an option for the file extension ".pdf" then you already have it set up on your software.


If you do not have the capability to save your resume as a pdf file you can easily log on to the web and there are several sources that will convert your file to a pdf format.

To convert your resume into a pdf file for free without any software downloads click on our link below:

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Once your resume is saved in a pdf format it is ready for the emailing to begin!


** Important Note** - Your pdf resume file can not be updated in the pdf format without downloading special software to update pdf files. So make sure that your resume is exactly as you would like it and then save it to a pdf file.


You can always update it and re-save it as well!


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