Education Resume Writing

What you need to place in your resume education section.

Step 5. - Education and Training


Your resume needs to display what your last level of education has been. Education resume writing should include several facets of your college and/or high school information. Just like the formatting of your employment history, your education section should begin with your most current school graduation or studies (if you are currently attending school).

Make sure to include the following in your resume education section:


This is an area that many folks totally omit from their resumes and it can add incredible value to the person reading your resume! Your time and effort in completing additional training to be more competent in your position speaks volumes to a potential employer. So take a look back through your employment history and see if you list some of the training you might have received.

The training classes could have been at your place of employment or have taken place outside of work, but be sure to list them here. Examples can include:



Here is a sample of the Education and Training sections of one of the resumes we've written who received positive results!




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