Customer Service Resume Tips


I need to write a great customer service resume.

What should I include on my resume that will make it really stand out?


When writing a resume for the customer service field there are a few things that you will want to make sure are included on your resume to make it stand out.

Here are some customer service resume tips to help you writer your winning resume!


Be sure to emphasize your years of customer service experience in your summary of qualifications.


To showcase your customer service skills as the main attraction of your resume, we recommend that you use the combination resume format and select "Customer Service" as your first skill group.


Be sure to include quantitative results from your customer service experience in your skill groups. An example would be, "Increased repeat business by 10% using follow-up phone calls."


Include experience and skills that can be transferred to any company that relates to customer service including, "conflict resolution, team player, goal oriented, and negotiation."


Include any leadership roles that you have earned due to your customer service work.


A customer service resume should also include any training that you have had in your career that relates to the customer service including seminars, workshops and in-house training. This information should be included in your education and training section.


Consider other skill groups (see our skills list) that match well with customer service that you can use to round out your resume and present the image that you are a multi-faceted individual. Some of these categories include:

Project Management


Office Management

Call Center Experience





One final customer service resume tip is to make sure that you include in your cover letter a strong paragraph that explains that you possess excellent customer service skills. You can tell your prospective employer that these skills will offer their company the opportunity to save money on your training as well as the ability for you to make an immediate impact in your new position!


These customer service resume tips should help your resume stand out from the crowd. If you would like to see a free customer service resume example just follow our links below:


Visit our Resume Samples section to view a Customer Service Resume sample.








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