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Curriculum Vitae Format


Here's a curriculum vitae format from that you can use to create a powerful and effective CV.


As we mention in our CV Advice page, a curriculum vitae is not the same as a resume. It is primarily used for professionals that are seeking positions in an academic or science related field as well as applying for grants or fellowships.


Part 1 - Contact Details - You want to place this information in the top left or top right of your CV.


First and Last Name


City, State, Zip Code

Phone Number

Email Address


Part 2 - Personal Information (Optional) - Place this information below your contact information if it is requested of you.


Date of Birth

Place of Birth (City and State)


Visa Status (if not a citizen of the country in which the position is located)

Gender (Male or female)



Part 3 - Education - This is where you include all of your education beginning with your high school. Include your undergraduate work, graduate work and post graduate work as well.


Part 4 - Professional Qualifications - Include in this section all of your accreditations and certifications that are pertinent to the position that you are applying to.


Part 5 - Employment Experience - This is where you list your employment history from the most recent and then go chronologically backwards.

Include pertinent academic positions as well as any training and research work you have completed.


Part 6 - Academic Experience - In this section, include any teaching or training experience that you have provided to others. Include the amount of hours you accumulated in your time of service.


Part 7 - Professional Associations - List any professional associations, business and/or career related memberships that you belong to.


Part 8 - Publications - List all of your published work in this section with your most recent published material first and then work chronologically backwards.


Part 9 - Presentations - List all of your public presentations or seminars that you have conducted within your field of expertise.


Part 10 - Continuing Education - List any current education classes or training that you have participated in to further your career and education.


Part 11 - Community Service - List any community service projects or activities that you have been involved in.


Part 12 - Hobbies / Interests - List activites and hobbies that you are personally interested in outside of work to give your potential employer some insight into what you enjoy doing in your free time.



If you would like to start writing your CV right now, you can locate our easy to follow template on the Curriculum Vitae Template page


If you would like to see an example of a CV that we have written using this curriculum vitae format, visit our Curriculum Vitae Samples page.






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