Curriculum Vitae Advice - What To Include


Curriculum Vitae (CV) Made Easy!

We are going to offer you some curriculum vitae advice from our experience writing successful CVs for our clients


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Do I Use CV or a Resume?

Unless you are a professional who has had a CV requested of you for a new position or if you are applying for a grant of fellowship, then a standard resume format is what you need to be using.


CV - Writing Length

Here is some helpful curriculum vitae advice - do not edit your CV down to one page! A CV is supposed to be a detailed description of what you have accomplished, published, studied and any awards or honors that you have received. Usually a CV is at least two or more pages.


CV- Stay On Target

Just like an effective resume, a great CV is one that is targeted for a specific company that you are interested in working for. Utilize your skills, experience, publications, coursework, and awards to your advantage regarding your prospective employer and what they would like to see on your CV. Minor changes in what you highlight in your CV can make a big difference in creating a strong impression.


CV - Where To Start?

Depending on the professional field you are working in, the CV format may be slightly different. You can review our page for our Curriculum Vitae Template or see one of our examples at our Curriculum Vitae Samples page.


















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