Cover Letter Tips


Here are some great cover letter tips to help you when you need to create an effective and powerful cover letter!


checkmarkMake sure you have the correct name (and spelling!) of the contact name of the person at the company that you will be addressing the cover letter to. Take the time to call and ask who is accepting the resumes if you do not have the person's name.


checkmarkWith a bit of persistence you should be able to locate the name of the contact that you are to send your cover letter to. If for some reason, that information in unattainable, you can address the letter with an assumptive name such as "Dear Human Resource Manager or Dear Job Search Committee). We recommend that you do not use "To Whom It May Concern" as it is dated and can come across a bit stale.


checkmarkWhen addressing the contact person in your cover letter, use "Mr. or Ms. and their last name. We do not recommend addressing the person by their first name as it does not display the respect and professionalism that you should have in a cover letter.


checkmarkFind out what the exact title of the position is that you are applying for (as it is listed in the job description). Many companies name their positions differently (sales manager, sales account manager...) so take note to make sure that you write it correctly.




checkmarkKeep your cover letter short! It is there to provide a great introduction to you and your skills, not your life story. Let your paragraphs be short but powerful! See our cover letter template page for an exact layout.


checkmarkAlthough you are trying to describe your awesome skills and experience, try not use the word "I" in every sentence. You want to skillfully showcase your talents by explaining how you will create an impact for this company and why they should call you for an interview. It's not hard to do and you can see sample by visiting our cover letter samples page.


checkmarkHere's a key cover letter tip, leave your resume in your resume. Don't add too much or directly quote your resume throughout your cover letter. You reader will have plenty of time to review your resume.


checkmarkTell them what you can do! Let your employer know what you can offer them specifically. What problems can you solve? What experience do you bring to the table that can create a positive impact for them?


checkmarkBring value to your cover letter by adding a unique statement about the company you are applying for in one of your paragraphs. Your research skills will be apparent and it shows that you took initiative.


checkmarkDon't forget to add your signature to the cover letter as it shows that you took the time to personally address the letter. You only get one chance to make that first impression.















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