Cover Letter Resume Writing

Top 3 Tips To Making Your Cover Letter Work For You!

Cover letter resume writing doesn't have to be a difficult and time consuming process. Would you like to know what your potential employers are looking for and how to place that information in your cover letter?

The fact is that most interviewers or hiring committees don't spend a tremendous amount of time pouring over your cover letter. They are usually looking for eye-catching buzz words that relate to two simple areas of concern for their needs:

1. The position they want to fill at their company.

2. Your skills that could help them fill that position.

Here's the great news! You already have the information for both of these areas and you can be very effective at using this information once you know how to place it in your cover letter!


Here are the Top 3 Tips to making sure that your cover letter gets you noticed.


1. Job Description Keywords - Read the job description that you are applying for and highlight any terms that are repeated or special terms that are unique to the company. Why? Because when you use a company's own terminology in your cover letter, you are speaking their language and most of your competition won't take the time to do this!


2. Company Keywords - Take 10 minutes and check out your potential employers company website and review their "About Us" page or other pages that talk about their company in detail. Are their keywords, phrases or buzzwords that they use often? Examples can include, "we pride ourselves in customer service" where the term "customer service" is the keyword. Use this keyword in your cover letter as part of your skills that you bring to the company!


3. Killer Short Paragraphs - Make your cover letter resume writing a simple process using an effective cover letter format. A cover letter should contain very powerful short paragraphs that give the reader an overview of who you are and what your resume is about to tell them about your skills.

Here are a few bullets about the paragraphs to remember:

Example: ABC Company values customer service and my five years of managing a call center have provided me with a solid track record of taking care of customer needs.


Important Fact: Your potential employer is wanting to fill their opening as soon as possible as they are most likely losing potential profits while that position goes unfilled.


Let your cover letter resume writing showcase your skills and be the solution to their problem! Include those job description keywords and company keywords in your paragraphs along with your skills and you will create a power combination for your paragraphs.


Also keep those paragraphs short and to the point and your reader will see that you understand how to write an effective cover letter!


Visit our Cover Letter Template page to see an effective template that you can use right away!







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