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We are going to offer you some cover letter advice from our experience writing successful cover letters for many years.


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What A Cover Letter Should Do

Cover letter resume writing is really what a cover letter is all about. It's combining and introduction letter with some of your resume highlights to offer your potential employer a brief description of who you are and what you can offer the company. You are basically selling your skills in your cover letter.


What A Cover Letter Should NOT Do

Here is some helpful cover letter advice - don't repeat your entire resume in your cover letter. Your reader will get a chance to see your resume so let the cover letter just hint at what's in your resume.


Cover Letter - Writing Length

Your cover letter should be a short introduction to who you are. Do employers read your entire cover letter? Honestly, probably not so don't write a lengthy cover letter that takes up an entire page or more.

Your cover letter should be just a few paragraphs. Here at, we provide you with an excellent cover letter template to follow.


Cover Letter - Be Direct & Professional

When addressing your cover letter you will include the name of the human resource director or person responsible for accepting your resume. Make sure to also specify the exact position that you are applying for. This will allow you to speak to the skills of that position in the rest of your cover letter.


Cover Letter - Include Character

When writing your cover letter, this is your chance to add some additional character qualities about yourself that you would like your prospective employer to know about that add value to you and your resume. Let your reader know that you possess the attractive character traits that they are looking for such as being a team player, goal oriented or that you are an effective time manager.









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