Combination Resume Layout


The Combination Resume Layout - Made Easy For You!

As we stated earlier in our Choose The Best Format section, the combination resume format is the resume writing format of choice for for many reasons, the most important being that it showcases your skills first!


This is the resume format that we've used to create hundreds of successful resumes. List below is the combination resume layout broken down into four easy sections:

Summary Of Qualifications

This is where you will put a brief summary of your skills and experience into a two or three sentence short paragraph to let the reader get a feel for who you are right off the bat and what your general qualifications are.

Skill Groups

The functional resume format focuses on your skills first, so you will need to take a quick assessment of some major skill groups and select which categories you would like to focus on for your resume.

We list several of those categories in our Resume Skill Groups section. You can choose from our list or you can create your own. The main objective is to select two or three categories that will best represent your overall experience as well as target the needs of the job you are applying for (i.e. marketing, sales, accounting).

You can place anywhere from 6-10 power sentences under each skill category to showcase your talents. We'll help you create those sentences as well in our Power Sentence section.

Employment History

The employment history section of your resume should start with your current or most recent position and work backwards chronologically from there. You will want to include the company name, city and state, position title, and the years that you were employed. This gives the reader a nice overview of your work history.


The education section is the final part of the functional resume format where you can list the college or high school that you graduated from including the name, city and state, and year you graduated. You can also include any training classes or merit certificates that you may have earned here or simply add a "Training" header underneath the education section.


That's the combination resume layout. To view some samples of the resumes we've written you can visit our Resume Samples section.


Let's get started building your resume with our Step-By-Step process that begins with the Header Section!




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