Career Change Resumes - What To Include

Tips For Writing A Resume When You Are Changing Careers

Nothing Stays The Same

The gold watch and full retirement after a 40-year career at one company are extremely rare in today's workplace.

The majority of employees will have several position and career changes throughout their work history.

Your resume can easily accommodate changes in your career field no matter how diverse if you select a format that showcases the skills and abilities you have acquired along the way vs. placing all of the emphasis on where you have worked for each of your positions.


When it comes to writing career change resumes, there are some guidelines listed below that may help make your resume writing much easier.


Tip 1. - Utilize the combination resume format to write your resume. This format will place more emphasis and focus on your skills and experience while still including your employment history. Utilize resume action words for your sentences and create that awesome first impression of what you can do vs. where you have worked!


Tip 2. - Create your summary of qualifications to reflect a more comprehensive look at your skills and experience vs. focusing on a specific career field. Create a powerful impression right from the start by describing your skills in a way that lets the reader know that these are skills that can be used in any position in any career field.

For example: If you are switching careers from computer software sales to office management, then your summary of qualifications should include sentences describing your skills that would be attractive to the office management field.

Instead of writing "Over 10 years of computer software sales experience," you may want to target more attractive skills for that career field with a sentence such as "Over 10 years of sales, management, and training experience."

You have those skills already but you just need to shine the light on them to let your potential employer know that your skills are well rounded and you are ready to take on this new career change!


Tip 3. - Career change resumes should be targeted towards the new career field that you are entering into. Review the job description of the the position(s) that you are applying for and see if there are any buzz words that continually appear in the description for the position. Add some of those terms (with good judgment) to your resume power sentences and skill groups and you will add to the impact of your resume.


Tip 4. - Focus on the skill groups that best represent your overall work experience. You may have had several different positions, but if you have been an excellent organizer or leader in those positions, then emphasize that aspect in your skill groups. Let the reader know that whatever position you held, you displayed those effective traits (i.e. time management, organization, team building...) and will continue to do so in your new field.


Tip 5. - If you have been working for more than a few years, we recommend utilizing a two-page resume to best represent you and your talents. We have written many successful career change resumes in the past 20 years and the majority have been two pages. We believe that the first page of the combination resume format gives the reader a nice look at your summary of qualifications and your skills. That first impression is being made prior to them ever reviewing your employment history.

So if there has been a career change, that is not the area that is creating the most impact with your reader as your positions are listed on the second page along with your education section.


Career change resumes, just like any other resume, should be an effective tool to showcase all of the great aspects that you can offer a potential employer.

Just take your time and follow our step-by-step process to resume writing and you will have an awesome resume ready to get those interview calls coming your way!


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