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Your resume needs to accomplish only one task - to get your potential employers interested enough to call you for an interview! After writing resumes for the past 20 years, we've decided to pass along our experience, tips and secrets to you, for free.


We know personally what it is like to begin a job search. Having a powerful resume that creates a strong impression is vital to being successful in getting those interview calls. We're here to help you get the best information and tips to create your winning resume.


Where To Start?

Our site has a lot of great resume writing tips and information to offer and we recommend that you begin with a quick look at Writing A Winning Resume. This will give you an overview of how to put all of the pieces together.



resume action verbs

Why So Many People Struggle With Writing A Resume

The thought of listing out all of your skills and experience can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn't have to be. There are some easy steps to writing a resume.


I See Many Different Resume Formats, What Works Best?

Yes it's true that there are several different resume formats out there. The good news is that we give you the pros and cons on the major formats and we go into detail on the one format we think is the most powerful, the combination resume format.


Do I Even Need A Resume Objective Anymore?

Resume objectives have become quite the topic of discussion over the past few years. We offer our strategy for resume objectives and a very successful answer in our resume objective tips section


But I'm Not A Resume Writer, How Do I Create Those Powerful Sentences?

One of the biggest concerns is the thought of having to use all of these "special" words that will make your resume come to life. We've created a simple resume power sentence formula that will help you create those awesome action phrases with ease.


It's Free And It's All Here For You!

We're taking our 20+years of resume writing experience and we're offering it to you for FREE! We know that times are tough and creating or updating a resume can sometimes leave you frustrated with many questions and not enough answers. We're here to help provide you those tips and answers to get your phone ringing for those interviews!



Table Of Contents


My Easy Resume - Blog

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Writing A Winning Resume - What's Involved?

Starting out can be a challenge. Find out what key factors make up a winning resume.


Which Resume Format Works Best?

We discuss the three most popular resume formats and give you examples of each as well as the pros and cons to help you decide what the best formats are.


Resume Objective Statements - Do They Work?

We review the resume objective statement and discuss it's value as well as a very effective solution.


Resume Layouts

We look at the proper layout for an effective resume that gets to the top of the pile!


Got Resume Questions - We've Got Answers!

Ask our resume expert about questions you may have or visit our answer vault for those questions already asked and answered.


Resume Building - Easy Step-By-Step Process

Follow our outline with each step as we show you how to create a powerful and effective resume.


Resume Skills - Let Your Skills Shine

We cover a list of key resume skills that you will want to include to create a great first impression.


Free Resume Templates

We offer free resume templates that also include special tips and pointers.


Free Resume Samples

Take a look at the free resume examples we have to offer from career change resumes to student and beginner resumes.


Resume Action Verbs - Put The Power In Your Resume

We discuss the importance of using action verbs or "keywords" as a critical part of your resume.


Resume Power Sentences - Make Your Resume Shine

Learn how to create the power sentences that will get your resume placed on the top of the pile. The formula is very easy to use.


Great Resume Writing Tips

Learn some of the resume writing tips and insight from our 20 years of experience.


Emailing Your Resume

We explain the best way to create a digital copy of your resume and prepare it to be emailed to your potential employer.


Posting Your Resume

Would you like to know where to go to send your resume to 1,000+ potential employers? Follow this link to discover some of those helpful sites.


Student Resume Advice

Are you or someone you know graduating from college and they are just starting to put together their first resume? We offer some great tips on what to include.


Resume For Changing Careers - No Problem!

If you need to do some career change resume writing, we've got some tips and insight to creating a powerful first impression.


Resume Builder Websites

Are you thinking about creating your resume online with a resume builder website? We offer reviews on several of those sites as well as some tips.


Cover Letters - We Cover It All

Cover letters can be a powerful way to create an impression with your potential employers. We offer cover letter templates and cover letter samples for you.


Thank You Letters - What You Need To Know

You will find our tips on how to write an effective thank you letter as well as some thank you letter samples for you to review.


Curriculum Vitae - Writing A Great CV

If you are preparing to write a CV, you'll want to visit this section to see our free CV template and free CV samples.


Job Interviews - Help With Getting Hired

We give you the secret tips and advice as to what to look for in an interview as well as a checklist to prepare yourself before going in.